Landscapes & Seascapes - Robert Carter Photography

The 18th Hole

Golf courses, while man-made and maintained, make use of beautiful natural terrain and become some of the most gorgeous landscapes to which we all have access. Here, in the foreground, we can see the moguls or mounds that line the right side of the 17th fairway. Hidden by these moguls is the teeing ground for the 18th hole which goes straight into the center of the image and makes a hard left turn before reaching the sand bunker and small evergreen in the center of the shot. In the distance, the 9th fairway sits out of view beneath the bunker and small evergreen . . . and beyond that, beyond the stand of pines in the middle of the image, the rolling 11th fairway can be seen. The image was taken at Black Bear Golf Course in Vanderbilt, Michigan. The distances are a bit compressed due to my lens choice. Late afternoon or early morning shots are best on a golf course . . . but I seem to find myself there in midday. (2013)

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