Robert Carter Photography

Thank you for visiting my website . . . You will notice that my range of images is defined by the various gallery titles. Some of my photographs are for sale at and come in many sizes and a variety of outputs, including metal, canvas, acryic, and much more. A bit about me and my photographic person follows if you scroll below:

Years ago I was given a 35mm camera and told to photograph the dirty side of life, the brutal side of humanity, and the vile side of existence. Through that introduction, photography soon evolved into a true hobby where I wanted to see the beautiful things in life.

Through my photography today, I share some of those beautiful, unusual, or interesting things I see in my life. The world around me is my studio and my photography leads me to many magical places in that studio. My photographic aim is to end up with an image I can share that looks like what I saw in my mind's eye and to have it appreciated by you, the viewer.

My decision to take a photograph is sometimes a surprise, that is, something I notice as I drive along a road, or a movement that catches my eye as I stroll through a park. More often, however, my creations are the result of a wonderful anticipation. I love the anticipation of a shoot and the anticipation of a visit to a new area. Then, during the post-processing in the digital darkroom, I edit the photograph to get an image that pleases me, an image that represents what I saw. In art, I feel everything is fair.

My work is located wherever my travels take me, whether a brief walk or a planned vacation. Landscape images are my favorites, but I will photograph anything that strikes my eye properly. I am making an effort to process my photographs multiple times in order to bring out the various flavors contained in any photograph. I experiment with making the image look brighter or dimmer, fuzzier or crisper, older, foggier, or any other option available to me. I usually choose only one version of a particular photograph as the 'finished' product. But any photograph is never finished; it can always be processed again.

Since my eyes are my most important tool, I want my raw photographic file to be crisply focused and contain a balanced light. Ideally, it should have true colors, appear unblemished, and be free of distractions. While most of my images are unique, some are of classic, world-famous locations that no photographer can pass up.

I downsize all images before uploading to the internet. I feel this is essential even though I recognize it downgrades the quality to some extent.

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